Public Participation/Involvement


Target Audience

Public involvement and participation in stormwater management in West Plains will assist us in meeting the Stormwater Phase II requirements. As a result the following Public Participation and Involvement objectives are presented:

  • Gain public support for West Plains stormwater management activities through public involvement, participation, education, and outreach.
  • Enlist the participation of residents who have special expertise for “value-added” programs.
  • Confirm that the Stormwater Management Program meets the needs and expectations of West Plains Government and its citizens.


The Public Participation and Involvement program and the Public Education and Outreach  program are closely linked and share the same target audiences. The Public Participation and Involvement program will focus on educating community leaders and groups, and then aid these groups in multiplying contact and participation efforts. This will be complemented by standard public notification and involvement procedures, and annual activities linked to the Public Education and Outreach program..

Ways You Can Help

Rain Barrels

Rain Barrels can be used to collect the water from downspouts. By doing so the water can then be used at a later time. This is a great way to save water and use it for any plants and or gardens around the house or business. With some of the new designs for rain barrels it would be easy to find one to match any environment. For more information on rain barrels select the picture below.

Rain Gardens

Another great way to help improve the quality and quantity of water coming off of property is a rain garden.
Rain Gardens allow water to infiltrate into the ground as well as stop pollutants being carried by the water. With the reduced quantity there is a lower chance of flooding. For more information on rain gardens select the picture below.

Stream Cleanups

Stream Cleanups are also a great way for the public to get involved with helping water quality. The removal of trash is a very large benefit to the quality of water as well as wildlife.