City Clerk

Allison Skinner

The city clerk is appointed by the city council. Responsibilities include attending the meetings of the council, keeping a journal containing ample and accurate records of its proceedings; custody and safekeeping of the city seal, the public records, the original rolls of ordinances, and such other records, documents and papers as may be delivered into custody; affix the city seal to all public instruments or official acts of the mayor which, by law or ordinance, are required to be attested; shall countersign the public instruments or official acts of the mayor and affix the seal; and shall certify the documents, copies or papers in his office required for individual use or by any city officer; furnish to the city attorney any record or document to his office which the attorney may call for to be used for any court, taking his receipt therefor; prepare all commissions and all official documents which the mayor is required to issue, attest such commissions and documents, and keep a register of all such commissions and documents; sign and affix the city seal to all licenses issued; keep a register of all licenses issued; immediately, after an ordinance is passed by the council and approved, record the ordinance in a book to be kept for that purpose; administer oaths to persons certifying to any demand or claim against the city; and, in addition to the duties named in this section, perform such other services pertaining to the nature of his office as the mayor or council shall from time to time require.

City Clerk Allison Skinner assists patrons with applying for a city business license. We appreciate those who choose to make their business happen here! Below are links to fillable forms found in a full packet of the business application. You will find license fee information and a checklist of different types of businesses required to have a license in order to operate legally within city limits. A business license is required to verify several requirements, including zoning, sales tax and utility and emergency response. Any business operating without a license is subject to Section 1-10 of the City Code of Ordinances, General Penalty and could be fined. For more information, call Allison Skinner at City Hall 417-256-7176. Submit completed forms to or print and bring to or mail to City Hall, 1910 Holiday Lane, West Plains MO 65775.

If you’re planning a special event on public property and will require special services, such as street closures, fill out an application and email to City Clerk Allison Skinner at

Special Event Permit Application

For more information, call Allison at City Hall 417-256-7176.

Clerk’s Corner

Hello and welcome to the official site of West Plains City Clerk Allison Skinner. Here, I will keep citizens up to date on current events involving meetings, elections and special events in the city.

For more information, call City Clerk Allison Skinner at City Hall, 256-7176.

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