Building and Development

The Building and Development department manages building permits, certifications and ensures code compliance in site development. We are committed to the safety and welfare of the citizens of West Plains by providing inspections on various projects including:

• New Construction
• Remodeling Kitchens or Bathrooms
• Building an Addition
• Sewer Taps and Main Work
• Installing Electrical Outlets

Please visit the links below for more information or to download required forms.
Before you decide to start a construction project, please call City Hall at 417-256-7176

City of West Plains Site Development Plan Review

A development plan involving commercial and mixed land use shall be submitted to the planning commission for approval. This includes any special developments, such as shopping centers, mobile home parks, apartment units, industrial sites or recreation areas. The plan shall be drawn to scale and presented on 11-inch by 17-inch sheets. A boundary survey certified by a state-registered land surveyor may be required or be a part of the development plan. The plan shall show the following:

(1) The location and size of buildings, outdoor advertising and improvements on the lots;

(2) The location, size and arrangement of curb cuts, driveways, parking and loading areas;

(3) The proposed storm drainage, landscaping, planting and grading changes;

(4) The proposed utility lines and easements; and

(5) The proposed dedications or vacations.

(6) The existing utilities lines.

(7) The existing and proposed contours lines.

(8) The zoning district and land use requirements including delineation of any floodplain areas.

(9) Location of fencing on property.

(10) Permits required by state or any other governing

There is hereby adopted, for the purposes of regulating building construction within the city, that code known as the International Building Code, 2012 edition, published by the International Code Council, Inc. The building code adopted in this section is made a part of this Code as if set out in full. Copies of such code are on file in the office of the city clerk.

All inspections need to be called in 24 hours in advance to 417-256-7176

1.) Temporary power: Electrician or Contractor shall call after temporary is set and grounded.

2.) Footing: Contractors shall call after rebar is tied in place and before any concrete is poured.

3.) Rough-in under slab plumbing and electric: Plumber or electricians shall call before work is covered.

4.) Slab: Contractors shall call when slab is ready and before any concrete is poured.

5.) Foundation: Contractor shall call after rebar is tied in place, all forms set and before any concrete is poured.

6.) Framing: Contractor shall call before any insulation is placed in the walls and before any framing is covered up. This can be done at the same time as the electric rough-in or plumbing rough-in.

7.) Rough-in Plumbing: Plumber shall call before any plumbing in the walls is covered up.

8.) Rough-in Electric: Electrician shall call before any wiring is covered up.

9.) Permanent Power: Electrician shall call for inspection. Before permanent power is turned on, the building must be able to be locked to keep the public out.

10.) Final Plumbing And Electric: Plumber or Electrician shall call for final inspections.

11.) Final Inspection: Contractor shall call for a final inspection and walk through with the Building Inspector

Additional Information

1.) Building permit shall be posted on site.

2.) The Building Department needs a copy of your
floor plan, all floors including basement.

3.) Give overall dimensions of building and room

4.) Show location of furnace and water heater.

5.) Name and use of each room.



Building, electrical, plumbing and HVAC technicians must be certified to provide their services within the city. Tests are given to measure familiarity with building codes. Those passing the test will receive certification and may then obtain a business license. For more information or to take the test, contact the Building Inspector.

The West Plains Electrical Board sets standards and regulates licensing for electric as well as HVAC. Electrical test requirements: provide 4 years obtained or 8,000 hours proof of work history, also required 3 letters of recommendation from independent sources. Test are give by appointment only and individuals must meet the minimum requirements before taking the exam.

Please contact Dustin Harrison at City Hall to schedule exams 417-256-7176.

Sec. 18-33. Charges for permits.
(a)Building permits, remodeling permits, plumbing permits and house moving permits. There shall be charges for building permits, remodeling permits, plumbing permits, and house moving permits as follows:

(1) Residential.
a. Base fee up to 1,000 square feet, minimum …..$100.00
b. All over 1,000 square feet ($7.50 per 100 square feet), per square foot …..0.075
c. Detached garage/storage building:
Base fee up to 150 square feet …..25.00
All over 150 square feet (per square feet) …..0.010
d. Base plumbing fee, minimum:
Residential …..40.00
Commercial …..75.00
e. Water outlets, each …..1.00
f. Hot water heater, each …..2.00

(2) Commercial and industrial.
a. Plan review fee …..50.00
b. Base fee up to 1,500 square feet, minimum …..150.00
c. Next 3,500 square feet (10.00 per 100 square feet), per square foot …..0.10
d. Next 10,000 square feet (6.50 per 100 square feet), per square foot …..0.065
e. All over 15,000 square feet (3.00 per 100 square feet), per square foot …..0.03

(3) Plumbing fees.
Same as residential except for special plumbing requirements (i.e., two-inch meters; actual cost to city for material and installation).

(4) Remodeling and renovations of existing facilities.
a. Base fee …..50.00
b. Plus 0.3% of estimated cost.

(5) House moving.
a. Base fee, minimum …..50.00
b. Plus actual cost to city to accommodate the move.

(b) Mechanical.
The following mechanical fees will be applicable in all cases:

(1) New heating, ventilation, and air conditioning work, per ton …..5.00

(2) Replacing existing heating, ventilation, air conditioning work, per ton …..5.00

Cost of the permit shall be as follows:
(1) For each portable sign, $10.00;
(2) For each sign 40 square feet and under, $25.00;
(3) For each sign 41 through 128 square feet, $50.00;
(4) For each sign 129 through 250 square feet, $75.00; and
(5) For each sign greater than 250 square feet, $100.00.