Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping

While many of the Stormwater Phase II requirements have an “external” focus, aimed at developers and other aspects of activities within the city, the Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping  Program is directed internally. City operations can have significant impacts on stormwater quality. Many West Plains’ operations are relatively large, or significant in potential impact (such as maintenance of open channels). Certain activities, such as fleet storage and maintenance, require the storage and handling of hazardous materials. By examining how city operations are conducted, cost effective ways of controlling pollutants at their sources can be identified and implemented, and safe and efficient work practices can be integrated with environmental responsibility and stewardship. 


The objectives for West Plains’ Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping  for Municipal Operations Program center on the effective design, installation, operation, and maintenance of effective pollution prevention and good housekeeping principles, methodologies, and processes. The Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping Program is also intended to promote environmentally sound approaches to reducing or eliminating the potential for pollutants to enter the stormwater runoff as a result of city activities.


General objectives of the Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping Program include:

  • Promote proper and consistent pollution prevention and good housekeeping principles, processes, and methodologies for all operations conducted by West Plains.
  • Promote good pollution prevention and housekeeping measures among and between West Plains departments, including Engineering, Water and Sewer, Street, and Electric.