Open Hours of City Government Mon - Fri: 8.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m.



  • January 18th Martin Luther King Jr Day-Monday’s trash picked up on Tuesday, no other routes affected.
  • February 15th Presidents Day Monday’s trash picked up Tuesday, no other routes affected.
  • May 30th Memorial Day Monday’s trash picked up on Tuesday, no other routes affected.
  • July 4th-Fourth Of July Monday’s trash picked up on Tuesday, no other routes affected.
  • September 5th Labor Day Monday’s trash picked up on Tuesday, no other routes affected.
  • October 10th Columbus Day Monday’s trash picked up on Tuesday, no other routes affected.
  • November 11th Veterans’ Day Friday’s trash picked up on Thursday, no other routes affected.
  • Thanksgiving Week November 22nd-26th
    • Monday-Tuesday Houses on Monday the 21st. 
    • Wednesday-Thursday Houses on Tuesday the 22nd.
    • Friday Houses on the 23rd.
  • Christmas Week
    • Monday, December 26th trash will be picked up on Tuesday, December 27th. No other routes affected. 
    • **Christmas week subject to change.**


Every year, the Sanitation Department offers a Spring Clean up week. This is a free service available to all residents so that every citizen may place any household items in addition to the normal refuse out for pick up. This event is publicized by website, radio and newspaper, in advance to allow ample time for preparation. There are some restrictions for certain items.


During the hot summer months, the Sanitation Department advises residents to keep refuse containers tightly closed and bags properly sealed to avoid various animals from snacking on the contents and spreading refuse over resident’s yards.


There are several special weeks designated for fall leaves, and residents are encouraged during this time to take their leaves to a compost site at the transfer station for disposal. Residents will be required to take bags or containers that they brought their leaves in, back home with them. Also, our Sanitation Department will pick up bagged leaves for a fee of $5.00 for the first 6 bags and 50 cents for each additional bag. Watch for more information to be announced on the website, over the radio and in the newspaper.


Each year, the Sanitation Department offers a free Christmas tree pick up service. This service is usually provided within the first week of January. A phone call to City Hall or the Sanitation Department is all that is normally required. This service is announced by website, radio and in the newspaper in advance of the specified date.

West Plains Transfer Station
1851 Goodhard Drive
Phone: (417) 256-6254

Hours of operation are:
8 am -4 pm Monday through Friday
Closed Saturday & Sunday

Solid waste items such as yard waste, tires, roofing and construction waste may be taken to the Transfer Station for a fee.

  • Customers may take items for a $20.00 fee for 500 lbs. or less, or $47.00 per ton. There is a minimum charge of $25.00 for limbs-500 pounds or less, and $40.00 a ton.


  • Yard waste is defined as leaves, brush,grass clippings, small limbs or general yard debris.
  • These items must be bagged or bundled.
  • Limbs must be cut in 3 foot lengths and tied in manageable bundles.
  • There is a $5.00 charge for pickup of the first 6 bags or bundles, and an additional charge of 50 cents for each additional bag or bundle.


  • Customers will be required to use roll-off containers. Please contact Sanitation for rate information.


Tires are also accepted at the Transfer Station for the following fees:

  • Passenger tires: $6.00 each
  • Passenger tires with rims: $10.00 each

depending on size – call for more information.


Compost is available seasonally and residents are encouraged to bring leaves, grass clipping and yard waste to the Transfer Station. You will be required to take your containers and/or bags back home with you. This service is free.

NOTE: All Sanitation charges are billed on your monthly Utility bill