Economic Development

The City of West Plains believes that a great City provides a strong and positive foundation for its business community.  We strive to work collaboratively with our business community to ensure long-term positive outcomes for all parties.  The City is committed to encouraging new and existing business expansion in the areas of retail, commercial and light industrial/manufacturing that will bring quality economic growth to our community. 


We recognize the value of cooperation between the City and private development partners, and offer development incentives designed to help create quality jobs through investment in the community. As you consider West Plains as a potential investment opportunity, we want to provide you with this policy document summarizing the tools we have that will support development projects. We also want to share the City’s philosophy about the review of proposals. The City will use a team approach including City Council, the City Administrator and staff, our local, county, and state economic development partners, legal and financial professionals to assist you with your project in West Plains.  Every effort has been made to develop this document and the incentive applications in a way that lets you know up front what information is necessary for the team to consider your incentive proposal.

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