Open Hours of City Government Mon - Fri: 8.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.

City Clerk Allison Skinner

The city clerk is appointed by the city council. Responsibilities include attending the meetings of the council, keeping a journal containing ample and accurate records of its proceedings; custody and safekeeping of the city seal, the public records, the original rolls of ordinances, and such other records, documents and papers as may be delivered into custody; affix the city seal to all public instruments or official acts of the mayor which, by law or ordinance, are required to be attested; shall countersign the public instruments or official acts of the mayor and affix the seal; and shall certify the documents, copies or papers in his office required for individual use or by any city officer; Furnish to the city attorney any record or document to his office which the attorney may call for to be used for any court, taking his receipt therefor; Prepare all commissions and all official documents which the mayor is required to issue, attest such commissions and documents, and keep a register of all such commissions and documents; Sign and affix the city seal to all licenses issued; Keep a register of all licenses issued; Immediately, after an ordinance is passed by the council and approved, record the ordinance in a book to be kept for that purpose; administer oaths to persons certifying to any demand or claim against the city; and, in addition to the duties named in this section, perform such other services pertaining to the nature of his office as the mayor or council shall from time to time require.