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Property damage reported at JMB Park

On Monday, July 5, the West Plains Police Department responded to JMB Park for reported property damage. Once on scene, police officers discovered toilets in both the men’s and women’s restrooms had been destroyed with fireworks. West Plains officials estimate at least $700 in damages. The restrooms are currently closed as crews begin to repair the damages.
“It’s frustrating,” said City Parks and Recreation Director Mike Davis. “This isn’t wear and tear, this is intentional damage. We have projects we want to start but when things like this happen, we have to pull money out of the budget which delays our plans.”
City Community Services Director Todd Shanks added, “It’s hard to move forward when we are regularly fixing damage or replacing equipment due to improper usage or in some cases, vandalism.”
Early in June, equipment at the Splash Pad in Butler’s Children Park was damaged due to improper use. The Splash Pad was temporarily closed as a result.
“We don’t want to close parks or bathrooms,” said Shanks. “We are just asking that equipment and facilities be taken care and used properly.”
The City urges individuals who witness or discover damages or vandalism to contact the West Plains Police Department at 417-256-2244.
For information regarding the City’s parks, call the West Plains Parks Department at 417-256-7304.

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