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Council passes three ordinances

The West Plains City Council met in regular session Monday, Sept. 20, in the Council Chamber at West Plains City Hall.

The Council passed three ordinances unanimously during the meeting.

Ordinance 4691: An Ordinance prohibiting the parking of motor vehicles on Allen Street from East Olden to the north.

Ordinance 4692: An Ordinance of the City of West Plains, Missouri to amend and replace the following three existing sections of the City Code, Chapter 44, Section 44-64 Duty to Maintain Financial Responsibility, Section 44-78 Stop for School Bus, and Section 44-132 Slow Speed; Impeding Traffic. 

Ordinance 4693: An Ordinance to authorize the Mayor to execute the agreement between Sho-Me Power Electric Cooperative and the City of West Plains, Missouri.

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