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City of West Plains reminds citizens of firework laws

With Independence Day quickly approaching, the West Plains Police Department is reminding residents that discharging fireworks in the City limits is a violation of City Ordinance and will be enforced.

Sec. 20-44, Discharge of fireworks states, “No individual or organization may discharge fireworks as herein defined, without a permit. Discharging of display fireworks (as defined in the RSMo 320.106.1) will need to be approved by city council, no later than the June council meeting of said year. All state and local applications, permits, and inspections must be completed as well. (RSMo 320.126.1)

Section 28-77,  Rockets, Missiles and Projectiles states, “No person shall construct, use, discharge, fire, launch or explode rockets, missiles or other similar projectiles within the city unless a written permit for such specific purpose has been obtained from City Council.”

The full ordinance and all other ordinances pertaining to fireworks can be located in the city code book under the Government section of the city website.

Every year there are injuries and fires from the illegal discharging of fireworks. From mid-June until weeks after the Fourth of July holiday, the Police Department receives numerous complaints of peace disturbances throughout the City caused by fireworks.

The Police Department, with assistance from the West Plains Fire Department, want to make certain that our community remains safe during Fourth of July celebrations and will enforce the ordinance as it pertains to discharging of fireworks.

“It is important for parents to educate their children on the ordinance and the hazards of improper firework use,” said West Plains Police Chief Stephen Monticelli. “Officers will be given discretion on how to treat violations of the ordinance, which could include written warnings, citations, and/or the confiscation and destruction of the fireworks.”

The West Plains Police Department and City of West Plains wishes everyone a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July holiday.

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