Let’s talk about RECYCLING

The following items are West Plains Recycle Center accepted items:

Aluminum Cans



Office Paper

Plastic Bottles and Jars

Glass Bottles and Jars

Plastic bags are not recycled at this facility, they can be used to keep items separated.

Plastic food containers are not recycled at this facility.

Proper Preparation of Items for Recycling:

Cans – Tin and Aluminum cans accepted. Cans must be washed, and all labels removed.

Cardboard – Corrugated box type cardboard. Please make pieces no bigger than 3 feet long. Do not mix cardboard or paper board with regular paper

Paper – Office paper, Newspaper, Packing paper and Magazines.

Plastics Bottles and Jars – Type 1 (PETE) clear and Type 2 (HDPE) opaque and colored will be accepted. All plastics must be washed out with no lids.

Glass Bottles and Jars – Glass Bottles and Jars will be accepted. All glass must be washed with no labels or lids. Broken glass will not be accepted.

Self Service Drop-Offs:

No appointment is necessary for the drop off recyclable items, please place al items in correct labeled containers. Items may be brought to the City of West Plains Recycling Center between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. lf you have any questions regarding the recycling program, please contact the Recycling Center 417-256-7176 during normal hours of operation.