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Spring Clean-Up Week April 26-30

The City of West Plains will host its annual city-wide clean-up the week of April 26-30. The event will occur on customers’ normal trash pick-up day. This annual event gives residents an opportunity to clean up around their property and have most of the items hauled away free of charge. The Sanitation Department is asking that waste be separated into five categories:

  1. Regular refuse, including extra bagged or boxed trash;
  2. Larger items like furniture and mattresses, which should be sealed with plastic and duct tape;
  3. Metals and white goods such as washers, dryers, stoves, etc. (Refrigerators and freezers with compressors must have a certification provided by a licensed technician the Freon has been removed before it will be collected.);
  4. Yard waste such as bagged leaves and grass clippings. (Brush will not be collected curbside but may be dropped off at the Transfer Station, 1851 Old Airport Road, Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. clean-up week only free of charge.); and
  5. Recyclable items, which should be placed in or near the City furnished red bins.

               To have tires picked up please call the Sanitation Department, 417-255-2330 or City Hall, 417-256-7170 and leave your name and address. Customers will be billed $2 for each passenger tire and $3 for each passenger tire on a rim.

               “We ask your patience and cooperation during this time. It is our busiest week of the year and we pick up a lot of extra waste. Please remember to prevent our city employees from being injured to label and box all broken glass and have any small clean-up items bagged or boxed. We will not be able to collect waste that may be hazardous including asbestos, waste from major demolition or renovation jobs and items piled onto trailers or trucks,” Brent Lidgard Sanitation Supervisor stated.

               For more information, questions, or to have a recycle bin delivered to your home call the Sanitation Department.

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City Administrator Sam Anselm to begin April 19

Sam Anselm of Wildwood, MO, has been hired as the next City Administrator for the City of West Plains. He will begin duties on April 19. Anselm will replace Tom Stehn who has served as City Administrator/Engineer since September 2011. Stehn will retire April 30.

Anselm was City Administrator for the City of Wildwood and City Manager for the City of Joplin. He has 22 years of experience working for municipalities in the state of Missouri.

He has a Master’s in Public Policy Administration from University of Missouri—St. Louis and has a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration/Criminal Justice from Northwest Missouri State University.

“I’d like to thank Tom for his leadership and service to West Plains over the past ten years. I’ve been very impressed with the leadership team that he has helped put into place, and with the level of professionalism and dedication of the other employees I’ve met so far,” Anselm stated.

“I can’t wait to join the team and help the city council, residents and businesses of West Plains build the best community that we can.”

Sam and his wife, Jennifer, have four children.

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Face-Covering Mandate Ends March 31, 2021

The City of West Plains will dissolve the face covering mandate due to the COVID-19 pandemic as of March 31, 2021.

The dissolution of the mandate is due to the decrease in the positivity rate for COVID-19, with an average of 1.5 cases per day in Howell County. In the last 14 days, Howell County has only had 22 positive cases.

“We want to thank the citizens and businesses of West Plains for their cooperation and support during this very trying time,” Mayor Jack Pahlmann stated.

“Businesses can still feel free to require face coverings, however, it will no longer be required inside the city limits of West Plains.”

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